Pouring cognac liqueur in the main workshop

The house of Letuffe was lucky to inherit from his predecessors a full range of utensils, tools and traditional old moulds perfectly maintained and functional.
The use of modern materials is not prohibited.  Our products are keeping the current team employed, as well as gaining expertise and experience, using cooking pot, pour in pan and coating with a fork, if they do not guarantee a copy of productivity, they undeniably provide our products taste, textures and flavours that mechanisation and industry have no chance of matching. It is not enough to use the best ingredients; you must be willing to put the time!
Visit the Chocolaterie Letuffe and you'll find on site not only excellent
products that we incorporate into our chocolates but also the interest to ride against wind and tide in this traditional and irreplaceable knowledge: word artisan, let your taste buds agree !

Some pictures of our products and our workshop



Cut caramel

Covered caramels

Making a nest

Making a basket

Easter egg decoration

Moulding Easter eggs

Prints in starch

Pouring liquers

Covering liquers

Chocolate cream
Making daisy 
Shaped chocolates
Moulding fruit jellies
Fruit jellies
Honey sweets
Red nougat
Sugar syrup
Cooling nougat
Cutting nougat
Squares of nougat
Chocolate nougat
Sugar aniseed specialities
Sugar Ornaments
Boiled sweets
Flavoured chocolates
Chocolate pralines