The Letuffe institutions are three shops and a factory. The latter, in the middle of Angoumois and in the vicinity of the capital, has in addition to the proximity to the river Charente, which Henry IV would have said was “the most beautiful stream of his kingdom." You will come unhindered by road, but you can if you want to join us in this way in a slow and beautiful aquatic walk, starting from Angouleme Cognac or Saintes.  Adjacent to our workshop, close to the church, you will find in our shop Trois- Palis as well as all of our products, also a great choice of excellent local products and regional, sweets, fois gras, liqueurs, wines and spirits, porcelain and earthenware. Our chocolates obviously take first place, in retail assortments and multiple packaging


At our store in Angouleme, in the historical center Place Francis Louvel everything awaits you on a tray. Marguerite de Valois, who’s closely named High School and history is linked to that of our region, gave its name to one of our most popular specialties. We could not be absent from Cognac, the second capital of the department and globally known for the reason that we can all guess! As in other stores, our chocolates are best sold alongside a selection of the best brandies. Stroll around the streets of the old Cognac downtown to 84 rue Aristide Briand.