The courses run at the house of Chocolate Letuffe.
Come in a group, with family or friends, you will learn to work the chocolate in a warm atmosphere in a fragrant authentic craft factory. Young or old, students or teachers, you work hands-on, supervised and guided by passionate professionals. You will learn under the best conditions some “tricks” of the trade in an enjoyable course after which you will leave with your creations.
What's this ?
Chocolate, an introduction to working with it. Which is fun and within the reach of everyone. All you need is provided, aprons, hats, dishes and utensils, obviously the raw material: the same premium chocolate that we use daily!
And who is this for? **

For all, young or old, 7-77 years! *, Family, couples or friends with or without their children; students of elementary or secondary school and their teachers, for relaxation or as part an educational project (working documents available on-site or free download from this site;
Many links on the history and botany, culture and iconography of cocoa and chocolate.), recreation centres, business committees, IME (A specialist institute for handicapped people), in short everybody, whatever their motivations. And if you are alone, no problem: we will do our best to put you in a group!




What shall we make?
Program, moulding “chips” with a spatula, spinning
a basket – harvester or a small nest (essential at Easter!), stencils and soaking pralines with a fork. Don’t be inhibited, because at the end of the course everyone leaves with their creations! (Or 250g of chocolate)
Further more?

We provide on-site coaching, one person to five or six students; which provides a sufficient and regulated number for the teachers.

*** For their active participation, the risk of getting little smeary chocolate fingers … If you wish, you can extend your visit by viewing comfortably and without additional cost eighteen minutes of video showing our creations.

Finally, by learning in the same workshops where our products are developed, you have every chance to take this opportunity to implement one or other of our recipes.



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* In reality anyone from 5 years upwards can participate. 
** Courses are exclusively at Trois Palis, please contact us for prices.
*** Here you will find links to the official texts.