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Welcome to the Chocolate Letuffe
The chocolate workshop of Letuffe welcomes you to its website to present its activity and three stores located in Angouleme, Cognac and Trois- Palis .

Adjacent to our workshop, close to the church, you will find in our shop Trois- Palis not only all of our products, but also a great choice of excellent local products and regional: sweets, foie gras, liqueurs, wines and spirits, porcelain and earthenware. Our chocolates obviously take first place, and retail in assortments and multiple packaging.

It is in the tradition of quality, both respectful of the past and constantly innovative, which is fitting to our factory, founded in 1873 and since 1950 the property of the Letuffe family.

We invite you to discover our products, workshop, or contact us to come and visit Letuffe chocolate or for any other information.